Minecraft Lucid (1.8.x) Private Hacked Client [Private Release]

I present to you, Lucid! This client is being released to the public for the first time, and has many new features and bypasses. This client was created about 4 months ago, so some servers may have patched some of the things in it like speed etc, but it will definitely still work on most servers. If you like this client, please make sure to leave a thanks for the release and a comment!


Minecraft Lucid Private Hacked Client Minecraft Lucid Private Hacked Client Minecraft Lucid Private Hacked Client




Jesus – Allows you to walk across water!
ItemAimbot – Select what item you want your aimbot to lock onto when holding
Brightness – Turns your brightness all the way up to see everything
ESP – Allows you to see players through walls!
Freecam – When enabled, you can fly around and go through walls without anyone seeing you!
GUI – Ability to turn the GUI on and off
Hud – Shows a tabbed GUI that you can scroll through using your arrow keys
MotionBlur – Adds a shaders like effect to your Minecraft!
NameProtect – Stops you from attacking players you have on your friends list
StorageEsp – See Furnaces, Crafting Tables, and Chests through walls!
Tags – See players names from very far away
Tracers – Shows you a players location using a string
Blink – Makes you look like your ping is 1000000
FastLadder – Run up ladders at 4x the speed
NoSlowdown – Eat and drink potions while sprinting / flying!
Speed – Allows you to go up to 10x as fast, has bypasses and different modes
Bhop – Like CS:GO
Sprint – Automatic sprinting
Step – Jump up hills automatically without pressing space bar
AutoEat – Eats much faster!
Damage – shows the damage that you deal to a player
FastUse – Drink potions very fast!
Phase – Run through blocks!
PotionSaver – When you have autopotion enabled, this will use half the potions for you
Regen – Allows you to take no damage!
Sneak – crouch while running! Only shows on other players screens, not yours
SpeedMine – Mine much faster!
Zoot – Removes potion effects and Fire from you
Aura – Hit several players at once no matter where you’re looking or even through walls!
AutoArmor – Automatically equips armor for you
AutoPot – Pots for you while running
FastBow – shoot bows much faster
TriggerBot – will swing for you while looking at another player in your reach distance
Velocity – Take no Knockback!
AntiCactus – Take no damage while touching a cactus
Commands – Enables / Disables typing commands for the client in public chat
Derp – Makes your head do crazy things!
Inventory+ – Store items in your crafting table while running
InventoryCleaner – Automatically sorts your inventory
InventoryMove – Moves things around your inventory or out / in with the push of a button!
MiddleClickFriend – When you middle click a player, it would add them as a friend and you won’t hit them when using Aura / TriggerBot
NoRotate – Fixes your aim when attacking a player
Respawn – Automatically respawns for you when you die
WorldTime – Shows the current time that the world is at for you. Useful if you’re underground!


Virus Scans: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/531e572ac6a6bcd96519fde70d855844d71cf0a358d6092af1e87eaa7792afda/analysis/

Download and Install:

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