Minecraft Wurst Hacked Client 1.12.2

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Minecraft Wurst Hacked Client 1.12 – 1.12.2

Minecraft Wurst Hacked Client Versionen:
Minecraft hacked client 1.11

Another update for the Minecraft Wurst Hacked Client. Wurst Client 6.4 is now compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 as well as previous versions of Minecraft.

It has all the features you love and can be downloaded free below.

You can choose between two versions of the client, one with built-in OptiFine mod, and one without the mod.


  • The window-based ClickGUI can now be used to manage settings.
  • Added “Show item names” setting to ItemESP. (MC 1.10, 1.11, 1.11 OF, 1.12, 1.12 OF)
  • ChestESP, ItemESP and MobESP will now use DisplayLists for improved performance.
  • Nuker will now use all available CPU cores for improved client-side performance.
  • Nuker will now filter out unnecessary packets for improved server-side performance.
  • Fixed ESPs not working with shaders. (MC 1.12 OF)



Download: Minecraft Wurst Hacked Client
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